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Contact Information

clip information

general information

The name of the advertised product / brand / service, slogan, logo, brand book.
Tell us about your organization, its industry and field of activity.

the target audience

Who should work video? Describe a typical representative.
Target audience in standard terminology (return, gender)

product advantages, services

List the main competitive advantages of your product, its strengths (the more the better)

the main idea of the script

Describe your idea of the movie script


What emotions should an image clip cause? What should encourage?


What attributes of your product should not be used during development?
Which associations with your product should be avoided?

intended placements

Expected roller timing

video examples

Give 2-3 examples of videos that you like.

And who do not like

material requirements

  • All submitted development materials must be of good quality
  • Responsibility for respecting the copyright of source materials rests with the customer.
  • Initial materials, as well as an order for a commercial should not violate the laws of the Russian Federation. If the brief is not completely filled, there is no source materials, and there is a discrepancy to the requirements for the manufacture of a roller, it can be refused

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